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Welcome to Yorkie Power!


I want to take this opportunity to Welcome you to YORKIEPOWER. I am a small breeder in California.  All of my yorkies are raised in my home.

The Parti-color gene has been in the breed since the 1800's. Since the Parent Club designated the traditional colors of Blue and Tan, etc. as part of the standard, the Parti-color puppies that "cropped-out" were discarded; i.e. given away without papers or WORSE.....





The Parti-color gene is a simple, recessive color gene. In order for it to be displayed, it must be on both sides of the pedigree.

The coat textures, temperaments, etc. are all the same as Traditional color Yorkies. These Parti-color Yorkies are simply AKC Yorkshire Terriers.


My chocolate, SLEIGH's grandsire's is from CH. Le Chazmarx Devine De Ora, a multi champion producer, and CH. WWestminster B.O.B. I specialize in the PARTI-COLOR, SCRUMPTIOUS BLOND, GOLDEN, and CHOCOLATE. I have the prettiest dogs this side of the Atlantic Ocean...Well...there may be a prettier one in Virginia. A chocolate yorkie has a liver color nose, eyelids, toenails and lips. They are a light chocolate color with tan markings. A golden has black pigmentation on nose and are dark golden in color and have black mixed with their coat and usually the Goldens have the very best hair, ever seen on a yorkie. Very thick and stunningly beautiful. My yorkies are raised in my home. We romp with them daily.


I will strive to make you happy!



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